What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday from 11-1-17

On the November 1st edition of What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday, Justine started out with an incredible bad attitude and Jaime was feeling good about his winning streak. Justine also drops the line of the year too. The category is movies with colors in the title, so tune in and see if Justine can stop Jaime's winning streak!

What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday from 10-25-17

On this week's show, we used some of the top grossing films from the years that Jared thought were in Justine's wheelhouse (1976-1986) to try and stop Jaime's dominating streak of victories.

Who Said That?!!? from 10-26-17

More cool games on 93.5 Rock It FM!! On Thursday's around 8:30am, Radio Works News and Information Justine Wettschreck hosts Who Said That?!?! where Justine gives Jaime and Jared a quote from one of two famous people. Today's quotes were from either Jim Morrison or Mother Teresa

What The Hell Did I Watch Wednesday 10-18-17

It's the Tri-State's Hottest new game show on 93.5 Rock It FM, Its What The Hell Did I Watch Wednesday with Radio Works' Jared Rademacher, Jaime Salinas and Justine Wettschreck!! Jared is the host and picks a genre and goes on to imdb.com and uses the 1-to-2 sentence description of the movie and Jaime and Justine have to guess what movie it is. Today's genre was Jared's wife Nikki Rademacher's Top 10 favorite movies

Bob Zwart Retires from Judd Hoos

After 12 years, countless miles and hundreds of shows, Bob Zwart announced his retirement from Judd Hoos on the stage Saturday Night in his hometown of Sioux Falls.

Kids + Walkman = Massive Confusion

Kids might have an edge on us when it comes to NEW technology. But a mom in Portland, Oregon recently gave her kids her old Walkman to mess around with . . . and it took them over a minute just to figure out how to put a cassette in.