Weird Sports (BLEEP!) 3-23-18

It's good to be Kirk.

New Minnesota Vikings Quarterback is enjoying life right now.  Cousins signed a 3-year, $84 million deal (fully guaranteed) earlier this month with the Minnesota Vikings.  But before he puts on the pads, Cousins will trade the football for a microphone.  According to multiple reports, Cousins will head to Nashville this off-season with his friend, newly signed Minnesota Vikings offensive line Tom Compton.

Cousins and Compton will record some music with the group Midnight Pilot.  Compton will play drums while Cousins will sing.  In January 2017, Cousins and his brother Kyle recorded 6 songs with the group.  Two of the four members of the group, Kyle Schonewill and Grant Geertsma, went to prep school with Cousins.

Schonewill, who went to school with Cousins when Kirk's family moved to Holland (MI), said of Kirk' singing ability "I think people would be shocked at how well Kirk can sing."

If you want to see for yourself how good of singer Cousins is, click here

Midnight Pilot released a song using the famous viral video of Kirk Cousins screaming to reporters "You Like That!" after a Washington Redskins win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2015, which you can hear here

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