Weird Sports (Bleep)! 2-5-19

It was a rough weekend for professional golfer Sergio Garcia.

The 39-year-old Spaniard started off the Saudi International at the Royal Green Golf Club in Saudi Arabia with a 1-under 69 in his first round.  Garcia started the second round strong with 2 birdies in the first four holes.  Garcia was trying to get to the green in two on the par-5 fifth and hit his second shot into a green-side bunker.   

Garcia was noticeably upset with his lie in the bunker, blaming the way that the bunker was raked for his poor lie in the sand.  Garcia's first attempt did not get out of the bunker.  After his second attempt, which he chipped onto the green, Garcia decided to take his frustration out on the sand.

Garcia did par the hole and finished round two with an even par 70.  So he was sitting 1-under after two rounds

This is where things got WEIRD

Garcia finished his third round with a one-over 71, but it was what happened after where things got interesting.  According to reports, fellow golfers accused Garcia of purposely hitting his putter into the green during his round, which caused damage to the putting surface on the greens for the players that followed him.  Tour officials declared that Garcia had committed "serious misconduct" and under Rule 1.2a of the new Rules of Golf book ,Garcia was disqualified from the tournament.

In a statement, Garcia said: "I respect the decision of my disqualification.  I damaged a couple of greens, for which I apologize for, and I have informed my fellow players it will never happen again."

So remember it's just a game and have fun, unless you're playing for million of dollars.  Then all bets are off

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