Weird Sports (BEEP)! for 6-20-18

A bizarre brawl broke out between parents of two rival softball teams at a youth tournament in Kingsport, Tennessee.  

Cellphone footage of the incident posted on Facebook shows a donnybrook breaking out with parents rolling around on the side of a hill near the field, while others stood to the side. The video lasts 54 seconds and ends with both sides of the fight just milling around.

The teams were there for a 12-and-under tournament sponsored by USA Softball.

Tournament director Tina Gale said that both of the teams involved in the fight were from North Carolina, and both have been barred from future competitions.

“I’ve done this for 10 years and never once had a physical altercation. This was the first and hopefully the last,” Gale said. “We run a very clean organization, we run good tournaments, but unfortunately it happened on our dime and we don’t take things like this lightly. We would never condone that kind of conduct.”

Todd McLemore, who works as the athletic program coordinator for Kingsport’s Parks and Recreation Department said that the fight started after fans of the Explosion became "very vocal towards the umpire calls in favor of Blue Ridge." The upset spectators then started getting into an argument with fans of the Cardinals. During the verbal altercation, one of the parents was shoved down a sloped area, which sparked the brawl.

Police said that nobody was injured and they did not arrest anybody for their role in the melee. 

The Kingsport Police Department responded to the incident, but no one was charged and no injuries were reported.

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