Bob Zwart Retires from Judd Hoos

Many of you may be familiar with Judd Hoos, whether it may be from the annual Brewster Fun Days in July, or from other venues and shows. Frontman Bob Zwart, well-known over the years as the voice behind this Midwestern group, recently announced his retirement. While we are sad to see Bob go, we wish him good luck in his next adventures, and look forward to more from Judd Hoos.

In a statement on Facebook from the Judd Hoos' official page:

"It was a monumental weekend for Judd Hoos playing to packed houses at both Cappy’s and the El Riad Shrine. After 12 years, countless miles and hundreds of shows, Bob Zwart announced his retirement from Judd Hoos on the stage Saturday Night in his hometown of Sioux Falls. We are forever grateful for his drive, dedication and leadership that helped make this band what it is today. This transition has been rolling out for a number of months now, as many of you have probably noticed. We are going to miss having our brother on the road and on the stage with us, but the five of us are hungry, eager and committed to the same great quality, high-energy experience you can only get at a Judd Hoos show. So, one more time. On the count of 3 everyone say “Thank You Bob!” 1, 2, 3…"

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