AC/DC Tops Ticket Sales


AC/DC is proving old dogs can still learn new tricks, or rather, still outplay the new guns of rock 'n roll. Not only did they drop a new album Rock Or Bust in 2014--their first release since Black Ice -- but they were awarded the honor of the best selling hard rock album of the year.

Not only that, but now reports are showing that AC/DC have sold more tickets in 2015 than any performer, including infamous cross-platform Taylor Swift.

According to ACDC's official website, even Loudwire proclaimed "it was a banner year for AC/DC in 2015. The Australian rock hounds already netted the best selling hard rock album of the year with their 2014 release Rock or Bust, which was their 16th studio album since introducing themselves in 1975. Now Pollstar reveals that not only have the legends sold more tickets than any other hard rock acts, but all 2015 touring performers regardless of genre, besting sensational country-turned-pop artist Taylor Swift."

Are you ready for a good time? AC/DC hits the road this year, with Brian Johnson and Bon Scott on vocals, Cliff Williams on bass, Chris Slade on Drugs, and Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Stevie Young on guitar.

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