Meet the Radio Works Team!

John Daniels

I'm the Radio Works "Lincoln Lawyer" (though I drive a Ford); and mentor--which is nice way to say I'm the old guy working in the background.

Ted Mahn

The above is a picture of my collie and me. I am the one on the left.Been in radio longer than you want to hear about...and still love what I do. Married to Pam for nearly 37 years and have one son, Chad. Hobbies include
RC airplanes and ham radio.

I am the voice that says "The Hot Country Highway, US 95" all the time.

Chad Cummings
Vice President/General Manager

Lover of music, wrestling, and ice fishing. Father of two daughters (Kennedy and Madison)and one son(Keagan). Husband to a hottie named Jami. I spend most of my time promoting things on the radio stations, community events, and of course - ice fishing. I gave up giving up. I strive to build Autism Awareness. Music made me!

Part of the Highway Patrol Morning Show on US95

Barry Roberts
On Air Personality / Program Director

I DJ wedding dances on the weekends. I love concerts, TV & movies and spending time with my dog Jade and cat Jinx, as well as trips to Florida to visit my family.

I got into radio at the age of 16 in Marshalltown, IA, continued radio in Sioux Falls, SD and haven’t left radio since. I do everything from programming music on US 95, Rock It FM and FM 104.3 The Party, talking to record labels and promoters and putting together great concert promotions for our stations. You'll hear me on the Highway Patrol Morning Show from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on The Hot Country Highway US95 and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on FM 104.3 The Party.

Jared Rademacher
Sports Director/On Air Personality

Sports Guy, philosopher, general know-it-all, cribbage aficionado and of course, master of Fantasy Football. I golf, therefore I am.

I am the Radio Works Sports Director in charge of making sports sound cool, cause it is. I am also the Program Director for AM 730 KWOA The Fan and Chief Operator at Radio Works. I’m not sure what this all means but they pay me anyway.

Jaime Salinas
On Air Personality/Production Director

When I'm not enjoying chicken wings from BWW (my weakness), I enjoy lifting weights, grilling steak, being married and being a dad.

Here at Radio Works, I can usually be found doing all things required to maintain the title of 'Radio Superstar' like talking on the radio, making people laugh, giving away prizes, and other assorted fun stuff. Your voice for Rock It FM!

Hayley Brandl
On Air Personality/Production Director

You can find me in a couple places. From 10 a.m. to -1 p.m. on FM 104.3 The Party and from 3 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. on US 95.

I am the wife of a computer programmer, and a mommy to the cutest kid in the world! When I am not working, you will more than likely find me at home on my couch with a crochet needle and yarn in my hands! I’m also a pool shark (okay, not exactly) , and I love animals more than most humans.

Justine Wettschreck
Director of News &Information

I'm the Radio Works Director of News & Information, AKA “Newschick.”

I’ve been married pretty much since childhood to my favorite guy Eric, and am the mom of three grown kids who all thankfully left home. We have two lovely granddaughters. When I’m not working, Eric and I spend as much time as possible fishing, but I also love to garden, cook, read and play the drums.

Dan Dobson
Marketing Specialist

I was born in Blue Earth,MN and ever since I was in 3rd grade I ‘ve had this interest in radio. After getting a degree in Radio / TV from Austin Vo-Tech in 1974 I spent the first 18 years of my career as on on-air announcer. In 1992 I moved into the sales / management part of radio. My first full time radio gig was KWOA in 1974. Over the past 40+ years have worked in other markets but I am pleased to return to Worthington where it all started for me.

I really believe in “LOCAL” radio and that is what Radio Works is all about.

Natalie Mulder
Marketing Specialist

I have been in sales for over 20 years and enjoy my work as a Marketing Specialist with Radio Works.

My husband & I have four very active children ranging from elementary school to college. In my "spare time" I can most often be found cheering them on at their many sporting events.

Eric Marten
Marketing Specialist

Hi, my name is Eric Marten. Note the TEN at the end, as that is what I am. I have three beautiful daughters, one beautiful wife, one beautiful dog and one dog who has a “great personality,” all of whom I enjoy sharing ice cream with on a nightly basis. I am a man of many skills; I’m a fire-fighter for Adrian, MN, I play sand volleyball and darts, and I am a master Cupid Shuffle dancer at all wedding receptions because I like songs that tell me how to dance. I also like to yell at the TV and make everyone quiet while the Vikings play. I am a marketing specialist at Radio Works, which means I would love to make what’s going on in your business, my business.

Kayla Cox
Marketing Specialist

Hello! I’m Kayla. I’m married to a handsome farmer, Mitchell, and we live on a farm south of Adrian where we grow corn and soybeans, raise cattle and our three busy little boys, Marshall, Mason and Merritt.

I enjoy working with my Radio Works clients to help them become successful by marketing their business through the power of radio advertising. Contact me today to see for yourself what the power of radio can do for you and your business! Do Radio. It Works!