Weird Sports (BEEP)! for 6-20-18

Please be better than these parents at sporting events!!

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) 4-2-18

Apparently a few Minnesota Twins were not happy that a Baltimore Orioles player bunted for a hit in the 9th inning in Minnesota's 7-0 win over Baltimore on Sunday

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) 3-27-18

A New Orleans "Saintsation" cheerleader is suing the Saints after being fired for posting a picture on her Private Instagram account

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) 3-23-18

Kirk Cousins, NFL Quarterback and soon-to-be singer??

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) from 3-21-18

Reports have surfaced that a Minnesota Vikings receiver may have saved his brother's life in a truly bizarre story