Things Jaime may know nothing about 3-23-18

Redemption Tour 2018 continues for Radio Works' Hayley Brandl as she looks to snap her losing streak against Jaime in this week's Friday quiz. March 23rd is National Puppy Day!! so our quiz is all about dogs.

But before that, enjoy hearing the story of Hayley's husband Sam had a mini-breakdown and shaved his head

Who Said Dat?? 3-22-18

With Justine out this week, Jared hosted this week's Who Said Dat as Hayley Brandl joins us again, looking for redemption after losing mightily on What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday. This week's quotes came from either Tom Cruise or Jim Carrey.

What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday 3-21-18

t's another edition of What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday on the Rock It Morning Show on 93.5 Rock It FM as with Justine out this week, we had Radio Works' Hayley Brandl step in to take on Jaime as this week's theme was horror movies

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) 3-23-18

Kirk Cousins, NFL Quarterback and soon-to-be singer??

Jaime talks with Michael Lardie from Great White 3-21-18

Rock It FM Morning Show host Jaime Salinas talks with Michael Lardie of Great White as Great White and Skid Row will be rocking at Jackpot Junction in Morton (MN) on March 31st, 2018