Weird Sports (BLEEP!) 3-23-18

Kirk Cousins, NFL Quarterback and soon-to-be singer??

Jaime talks with Michael Lardie from Great White 3-21-18

Rock It FM Morning Show host Jaime Salinas talks with Michael Lardie of Great White as Great White and Skid Row will be rocking at Jackpot Junction in Morton (MN) on March 31st, 2018

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) from 3-21-18

Reports have surfaced that a Minnesota Vikings receiver may have saved his brother's life in a truly bizarre story

Weird Sports S#^t from 3-19-18

Former NBA Champion leaves bizarre response to a drug charge

Things Jaime May Know Nothing About - St.Paddy's Day

It's another episode of Things Jaime May Know Nothing About, and with Jared on vacay, Jaime is on his own as Justine quizzes him on St. Patrick's Day trivia. Listen in and find out what YOU may know nothing about!