Who Said Dat?? 4-5-18

While Jared was playing hooky from work, Hayley steps in and tries to top Jaime in this week's Who Said That?? Tries might be the key word

What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday?? 4-4-18

In this week's edition of WTHDIWW, Jared was all bummed out by the weather so all the movies this week had a cold weather theme to theme, or in the title or whatever. Tune in Wednesday's at 8:35am on 93.5 Rock It FM

Who Said Dat?? 3-29-18

This week's edition features quotes from either Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars. Plus the first 3 minutes Jaime talked about his hair so can you figure out Who Said That? Tune in for Who Said That?? live on the Rock It Morning Show on 93.5 Rock It FM Thursday mornings around 8:30am!

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) 4-2-18

Apparently a few Minnesota Twins were not happy that a Baltimore Orioles player bunted for a hit in the 9th inning in Minnesota's 7-0 win over Baltimore on Sunday