Things Jaime May Know Nothing About on Friday the 13th, 04-13-2018

It's a Friday the 13th edition of Things Jaime May Know Nothing About, with a guest appearance by Rock It Sales Weasel Eric Marten! Find out who knows more about Friday the 13th trivia!

Who Said Dat?? 4-12-18

This week's quotes come from former Presidents George W. Bush or Abraham Lincoln. Can Jared stop Jaime's streak of domination?? Tune it find out!

What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday?? 4-11-18

In this week's edition of WTHDIWW, our theme was all about John C. Reilly and the many movies and versatile roles he has played in movies. Can you do better than Jaime and Justine? Tune in to find out!

Things Jaime may know nothing about 4-6-18

With this AWESOME springtime weather we are having, Justine decides to do some weather facts this week. Spoiler: Jaime and Jared sucked this week but the trivia was pretty sweet.

Who Said Dat?? 4-5-18

While Jared was playing hooky from work, Hayley steps in and tries to top Jaime in this week's Who Said That?? Tries might be the key word