What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday?? 5-2-18

This week's movies were movies about either the end of the world or takes place in the aftermath.

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) 5-3-18

This is why you don't wear chains playing baseball

Who Said Dat?? 4-26-18

Rock It FM's Jaime Salinas and Jared Rademacher go toe-to-toe in this week's Who said Dat as this week Justine's quotes she found come from either Kanye West or Rob Zombie.

Who Said Dat?? 4-19-18

The Girl on Girl theme continues here this week on 93.5 Rock It FM as this weeks’ quotes for Who Said Dat comes from either pop singing, blonde bombshells Brittany Spears or Christina Aguilera. Jaime takes on Radio Works sales weasel Eric Marten in this week's showdown.

Things Jaime may know nothing about 4-20-18

This week Radio Works Hayley Brandl takes on Rock It FM Morning Show host Jaime Salinas in another edition of Things Jaime May Know Nothing About. It's 4/20 and Justine went with Day in History for this week's topic