2018 King Turkey Day Race Teams

It's King Turkey Day weekend in Worthington and the first leg of the Great Gobbler Gallop will be held down 10th street in downtown Worthington as the Paycheck Race Team from Worthington and the Ruby Begonia Race Team from Cuero (TX) dropped by the Rock It FM studios for a visit

What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday?? 7-11-18

In the most dramatic What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday in history, Hayley Brandl fights to keep her spot on the show. She even picked all the movies. If she loses to Jaime, she is off the show forever. Have we seen the end of #RedemptionTour2018 ?? Tune in to find out!

Weird Sports (BEEP)! for 6-20-18

Please be better than these parents at sporting events!!

What the Hell Did I Watch Wednesday?? 5-2-18

This week's movies were movies about either the end of the world or takes place in the aftermath.

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) 5-3-18

This is why you don't wear chains playing baseball