Dude Who Am I? 3-06-19

On this week's Dude Who Am I? J-Rod does a shout out to his good friend, Dayton Williamson, and does "Initials" again using D and W.

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) 2-21-19 (Part 2)

The Ole' Ball Coach did not hold back in his comments on current Gopher Football coach PJ Fleck

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) 2-21-19 (Part 1)

I don't think shoes are supposed to split in two

Things Jaime May Know Nothing About 2-15-19

This week Justine has come up with a quiz to identify famous people who have voiced characters in animated films.

It did not go well

Dude Who Am I?? 2-13-19

On this week's Dude Who Am I on 93.5 Rock It FM, the topic was "Best NFL Receivers of All-Time."