What The Hell Did I Watch Wednesday 10-18-17

It's the Tri-State's Hottest new game show on 93.5 Rock It FM, Its What The Hell Did I Watch Wednesday with Radio Works' Jared Rademacher, Jaime Salinas and Justine Wettschreck!! Jared is the host and picks a genre and goes on to imdb.com and uses the 1-to-2 sentence description of the movie and Jaime and Justine have to guess what movie it is. Today's genre was Jared's wife Nikki Rademacher's Top 10 favorite movies

Weird Sports (BEEP) from 10-17-17

It's the new game sensation that is NOT sweeping the nation!

Weird Sports (BLEEP!)

Weird Sports (BLEEP!): Worst way to start a hole

Weird Sports (BLEEP!)

Weird Sports (BLEEP!): Guy bowls 12 strikes in less than 90 seconds (yes, that's a new world record). Did we mention he's only 23-years-old?

Weird Sports (BLEEP!) NSFW

Weird Sports (Bleep!): The action was hot and heavy at the Sarasota (FL) Open tennis tournament but not on the court.